Online Job in Pakistan

Online Jobs In Pakistan

Earning money online is possible. You can also earn online. I have been working from home since 2009. There are many ways to make money online. I used to provide services at at start. Later i invested some of the earned money and created my own websites. One of them is so i am myself a work from home success story. I have started a topic, Work from home success stories to encourage newbies.

Online Jobs In Pakistan
Online Jobs In Pakistan
Q1. Please give me a job?
Ans. I often receive this request. I am not offering any job. I am just guiding you. If you want work, try finding it at

Q2. How much will i earn?
Ans. There is no limit. Some are earning a lot while most of the job seekers don't get any work. It depends on your abilities, hard work, education and skills.

Q3. When am i paid?
Ans. You will be paid when you complete the work.

Q4. What is a Milestone Payment?
Ans. It is advance payment that employer creates but you will get it at completion of work.

Q5. How payment can be withdrawn?
Ans. There are 2 options/alternatives that work to withdraw money from

1. Best option is  (Local Pakistani Bank account required to withdraw money.

2. Easy pesa , Omni, Time Pay, Perfect Money, Web money.

Online Jobs In Pakistan

There was a time when tv, mobile phone and internet were also not possible.

It is very simple. You get paid for providing services. Just visit Complete free registration and start bidding on the projects related to your skills and experience.

What jobs are easy?
It depends on your skills. I think forum posting, data entry and article writing jobs are easy.

Beware of work from home scam. There are many fraud online job sites on the internet. Websites that ask for upfront fees or investment are scams.

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