The Acts of Terrorism

It is a matter of great concern for every patriot the act of terrorism are alarmingly increasing in our country every second week we come know about bomb blasts that damage the the lives and property of our countrymen. Because of these, people are living a life of anxiety. They are unable to travel safely, join celebrations peacefully and worship freely. Bus stops, railway stations, marriage ceremonies and religious gatherings are an easy target for terrorists.

These terrorists want to create disorders in the country. They do not want that our dear country should function smoothly. Although some sectarian or racial organizations may be doing this, yet the involvement of a foreign hand cannot be ignored. India has never liked Pakistan progressing by leaps and bounds.

The government should handle this situation with an iron hand. It should strengthen its information network. Police should keep strict eye on hotel and rented houses that might be haven for these terrorists. Awareness among people should be created. There are should be heavy punishments such terrorists.


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