Use Free Internet With ZONG

Use Free Internet With ZONG 2016 Latest Tricks

Zong is very popular communication company in Pakistan. Zong network is also very good. Zong Internet is also awesome because I am also using zong from last 7 years. Zong are giving 4G internet for their customers. Zong Free internet is also available. Mostly people tried to any trick like free internet free calls free sms and many more.
There are also available some tricks to use free internet and calls. Today I am sharing some new trick to use free internet on Zong sim. Its old procedure but I thought that to share with you this awesome zong free internet trick.
If you are using internet on Android cell phone then you can use free internet from zong otherwise this trick not for you. I will tell you some tips please follow my steps as share,

1st Step: Go to your android Menu.

2nd Step: Go to settings menu.

3rd Step: Go to configuration Settings.

4th Step: Go to Personal Configurations Settings.

5th Step: Go to Add new menu.

6th Step: Click on Web.

When you click on web there is open a new window with a full form. Just read that form with your open eyes and change the form setting step by step as given below,

1st Field: Change with "WEB"

2nd Field: Change the homepage with ""

3rd Field: Leave the blank in "User name and Password"

4th Field: In preferred access point menu just leave as it is

5th Field: In Proxy change it to Disable

6th Field: In packet data access points press "0" three times and write

7th Field: Authentication form fill with " Normal"

Now you have complete your free zong internet setting now just go to back menu and keep this as default after you activate these setting as default then once you lost your network signal when your network signal come on your screen then just on your mobile data and use the free internet of Zong.

Note: Make sure that your balance is Zero.

Use Free Internet With ZONG 2016 Latest Tricks

Use Free Internet With ZONG 2016 Latest Tricks

Use Free Internet With ZONG 2016 Latest Tricks

Use Free Internet With ZONG 2016 Latest Tricks