Saturday, 16 May 2015


Second sunday of May where the air of true love can be felt and witnessed; see the kids clutched to their mother. The warmth of motherhood makes even may hotter and cherishable.
In our society we get love of mother through our nani’s and dadi’s and most and foremost mothers that wakes up with smile every morning and listen to every little wish. But not everybody has all of this.
Hugs of mom makes even the worst nightmares to scare away; her smile makes frown upside down. Even in the toughest situation of life only one thing comes across tongue ‘o maa!’.
Now i only see her in pictures that smile on my mother’s face, those angry eyes, a hug which makes you forget all your pains.
I know she is always looking at me from that eternal paradise and i just try every single day to make her proud so people say i truly am a gift of my mother to this world...